Stafford Rotary honors students of the month for October, November and December, 2015. Listed left to right are Marissa Dwyer, Sonny Russano and Kara Labier.
The Rotary Club of Stafford is proud to announce our Students of the Month for October, November and December of 2015.
Marissa Dwyer, a Senior at Stafford High School, has made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.  While she experienced a lot of
challenges during her Junior year, she began 2015-2016 with tremendous effort and obtained great grades in all of her classes.  Her effort 
is paying off as evidenced by her grades, all of which are in the 80s or better.  A great self advocate while in the thick of the application
process, Marissa has recently been accepted to colleger where she intends to major in Psychology.  Congratulations, Marissa!
Sonny Russano, a Junior at Stafford High School, experienced difficulty in the past handling situations and issues in a 
positive and mature manner when frustrated.  However, staffo members note that this year Sonny has demonstrated a level of maturity
which is evidenced by his disposition each day.  He has also assumed more responsibility as a "self learner" in the classroom.  While he has not
yet made a definitive decision about the branch, Sonny is interested in pursuing a military career in the armed forces. Congratulations, Sonny!
Kara Labier, while repeating her Freshman year at Stafford High, Kara hit the ground running this year! She has demonstrated her commitment
to being a great student!  She missed the first term honor roll by only a few points and by the end of the school year she is expected to have
recaptured credits, thereby putting her back on track to graduate with her class!  While she has not decided on a major, Kara plans to attend a four 
year college.  She also hopes to travel after high school to see what the world has to offer in terms of careers.  Congratulations, Kara!
The Student of the Month program is run with the help of the Superintendents office and recognizes Student who make significant achievements in many aspects of High School life......................